Procedure for Hiring Filipino Workers Overseas

1. Principal or Employer and Agency Preliminary Negotiations - The employer indicates its organization's job openings specifying the title or position, job description, terms of employment, salary rates, etc.

2. Principal or Employer goes to the process of accreditation of the job order at the nearest Philippine Consulate by submitting the following documents:

          a. Job Order or Manpower Request - A formal letter using the company's official letterhead indicating the principal's detailed manpower requirements such as job positions or openings, salary offer, terms and conditions of employment, etc.

          b. Special Power of Attorney - A legal document appointing International Staffing Registry as the company's representative in dealing with government transactions and other employment concerns of workers.

          c. Standard Employment Contract - A legal document stating the detailed terms and conditions between the principal and the chosen worker.

          d. Principal's / Sponsor's Identification - Copy of valid identification cards of the sponsor.

          e. Commercial Registration or Business License - Company's legal documents validating its existence and operations in the country of employment of the worker.

          f. Recruitment Agreement - A standard Memorandum of Agreement between International Staffing Registry and the employer.

          g. Other Documents - The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) may require additional documents from the principal to further verify or validate the documents presented.

3. Authenticated documents are returned to International Staffing Registry Inc. for accreditation at the POEA.

4. At the same time, International Staffing Registry Inc. performs the recruitment process of sourcing, interviewing, testing and endorsing of candidates to the employer. The employer selects final candidate to be employed in his organization.

5. The chosen candidate shall take the required medical examination and pre-departure seminar. International Staffing Registry Inc. will submit the candidate's documents for processing to POEA and arrange travel for deployment.

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